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In the heart of the ancient city, amid the narrow alleys and old buildings, there was a small perfume shop owned by a woman named Salma. Salma had a wonderful artistic sense in choosing perfumes, and she was always looking for the rare and unique. One day, Salma found a unique perfume bottle, SELECTIVE COLLECTION NO 111 EDP 25ML, which looked like a scent from the sliding sky. The scent was a unique blend of attractive flowers, sweet fruits and warm woods, captivating the hearts and soaring the senses. Salma decided to make this unique fragrance her own signature, and as soon as she launched it in her store, its fame spread like wildfire. SELECTIVE COLLECTION NO 111 EDP 25ML has become not just a fragrance, but an unforgettable story about the beauty of perfumes and their power to captivate hearts.

Perfume ingredients:

  1. Attractive flowers: include roses, jasmine and violets, which add a touch of femininity and romance.
  2. Sweet fruits: such as strawberries and plums, to add a touch of vitality and freshness.
  3. Warm woods: such as sandalwood and patchouli, to add depth and warmth to the scent.

Among its features:

  • A unique and innovative scent that combines flowers, fruits and woods.
  • High stability makes the fragrance last long on the skin.
  • Sleek and modern packaging design makes it an attractive display piece.
  • It is suitable for all occasions, whether day or evening, to add a touch of elegance and attractiveness everywhere you go.


In our store, we take pride in the smallest details, and nothing reflects that more than the materials we choose to craft our products. Quality is at the forefront of our priorities, and we strive diligently to select high-quality materials that make our products stand out with pride.


At our store we pay attention to the smallest detail, and nothing reflects that more than the materials we choose to make our products. We put quality first, and strive to select the highest quality materials that make our products stand out with pride.

Size chart

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Product Sizes:
XS: Chest: 80-85 cm, Waist: 60-65 cm, Hips: 85-90 cm
S: Chest: 85-90 cm, Waist: 65-70 cm, Hips: 90-95 cm
M: Chest: 90-95 cm, Waist: 70-75 cm, Hips: 95-100 cm
L: Chest: 95-100 cm, Waist: 75-80 cm, Hips: 100-105 cm
XL: Chest: 100-105 cm, Waist: 80-85 cm, Hips: 105-110 cm
XXL: Chest: 105-110 cm, Waist: 85-90 cm, Hips: 110-115 cm

Please note that the measurements provided are body measurements, and it's essential to measure yourself accurately before making a decision. If you need additional assistance or have any inquiries regarding the appropriate size, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

We are committed to providing you with the best experience, and we are dedicated to helping you find a product that fits you perfectly. Thank you for trusting our store, and we wish you an enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience.

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In our store, we place product quality at the core of our work. We believe that each product should be of the utmost value and worthy of our valued customers' trust. For this reason, we prioritize product quality and attention to detail above all else.

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